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We welcome your interest in enrolling your child(ren) at Lakewood Baptist Academy (LBA).  Admission is based on the Admissions Philosophy statement.  It is important that the statement of Faith and Application Procedures be read carefully.

Christian Education is not a curriculum with Bible verses attached.  It is incorporating Christ into every subject.  It impresses the character of God (Christ) into the lives of children through consistent and repeated instruction.  It is giving a foundation that will not crumble with every wind of doctrine upon graduation.
Our school is a ministry of Lakewood Baptist Temple, designed to assist families in preparing their children for Christian service.  Our goal is to produce Christian young people instilled with sound doctrine, Christian character, exceptional academic skills, and Christian leadership.

The mission statement of Lakewood Baptist Academy is to provide a Christ-centered, academically challenging education that reinforces the parent’s responsibility to raise children who love and serve Jesus Christ.

The purpose of Lakewood Baptist Academy is to provide an excellent academic education that is consistent with the truth of God’s word and to aid parents and local churches in training young people to view the world and all of its component from a perspective that is honoring to God.

How will the A Beka Academy video program work in our school?

Instruction is provided by master teachers on video.  The on-site teacher trains the students proper classroom habits, checks homework and class work, grades papers, listens to oral reading and supervises daily procedures.  At the beginning of the school year, your child will purchase a kit containing the textbooks and materials needed for video classes.  The on-site teacher will have detailed instruction manual written by the video teacher.

The entire program has been designed with your child in mind.  With the help of the on-site teacher, your child will be able to complete assignments and activities and relate to the video teacher and students as though the student was actually in the classroom.

How much of each day’s total classroom time is video instruction?

Approximately two hours of the total elementary classroom day is spent viewing video.  Most teaching sessions are 15-20 minutes for elementary level and 40-45 minutes for secondary levels.  Sessions are separated by times for lunch, physical education, recess, or breaks, student seatwork, reading, and homework check.

Do you incorporate “traditional teaching” into the daily classroom?

Yes!  We strive to have a blend of video training mixed with traditional teaching to complement each other.  In addition, this allows more one on one with the teacher if the child needs it.

Early registration paid by May 15 will be $100.00.

School Hours | 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (M-F)

Pre-School (Days per week is optional)

5-day                      $2,500.00/Yr. or $250.00/Mo.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade        $2,500.00/Yr. or $250.00/Mo.

9th – 12th Grade                        *$3,000.00/Yr. or $300.00/Mo.

Plus an annual accreditation fee of $200.00 for high school only.

New Student Registration Fee – $150.00

Books Cost – $300.00

After the 1st child, the additional children are discounted $25.00/Mo.


*Students will be taking different electives

Darryl Idio – Principal

Jurnee Mendez – Pre-School – Kindergarten

Maegan Vai – 1st thru 5th Grade

Darryl Idio – 6th thru 12th Grade

Darryl Idio, Principal –  (253) 678-8452

Tom Bradford, Church Treasurer/School Finance Admin  –  (253) 584-2500


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