Upcoming Events


26th- Start of the discipleship series “Continue”.  Contact us for information on materials for this 14 week program.

30th- 5th Sunday service.  Lunch on the grounds and special service following the morning worship service.


14th- Mother’s day service.

20th- Men’s prayer breakfast 8am.

20th- Adult Sunday School classes joint activity 4pm.

21st- Military appreciation Sunday.

26th-27th- Teen activity: Silverwood. Visit Teen Impact page for further details.

29th- Church day at the park.  9am – dusk @ Steilacoom Park.


2nd- Teen activity with West Coast Baptist College 6pm.

3rd-10th- Spanish conference with Bro. Salazar in Ontario, CA.

11th-16th- Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA.

17th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8am.

18th- Father’s day service.

18th-22nd- Revival with Evangelist Benny Beckham.


2nd- I love America Sunday.

4th- Independence Day church fellowship.

9th-15th- Teen Activity: Sr. Camp.  Visit the Teen Impact page for further details.

15th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8am.

23rd-26th- 53rd Anniversary Celebration with Evangelist Dave McKracken.

29th – 8/5- Teen Activity: Worldview Camp.  Visit the Teen Impact page for further details.


7/29th- 5th- Worldview Camp.  Visit the Teen Impact page for further details.

7th-11th- Vacation Bible School!

19th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8am.

24th-26th- Spanish ministry family conference.


4th- Labor Day picnic at the park.  9am-dusk @ Steilacoom Park.

12th- The Lord’s Supper 7pm.

16th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8am.

28th-30th- Men’s Retreat.